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Our Lip Balms are silky smooth and all organic. We use top ingredients such as virgin organic shea butter; virgin, organic coconut oils; organic coco butter; and mango butter. We use organic beeswax and sweet virgin organic almond oil. Not only is this heaven on your lips but it's great on your cuticles!


We use a combination of Madagascar (Bourbon), Mexican, and Tahitian Vanilla beans to give  you the best possible flavor and experience. We infuse our oils and also use the beans in our products, especially in our Lip Balms. Vanilla has anti-inflammatory properties, which can help to soothe and calm irritated skin. Vanilla has been known to reduce skin infections and assist in wound healing. The bean has Vanillin, a polyphenol with powerful anti-oxidant properties. So when you see black dotss, that's the powerhouse of Vanilla that you see!


For the Peach Vanilla Lip Balm we use 24K Gold Leaf as it increases collagen production, is an antioxidant, and has anti-inflammatory properties.  We put it in the final process to preserve the color and not break up much of the leaf. With each batch, we use about 4-5 sheets of 24K Gold. The Gold does not add any true shimmer as it blends into the lip.


In the Vanilla Peppermint with White Gold Leaf and our blend of Vanilla beans, the only difference between the two is Peppermint or Peach. We use about 4-5 sheet of White Gold at the end of each batch to preserve the integrity of th gold, but it does not add any addition shimmer as it seamlessly blends into the lip.

Lip Balm (1/2 ounce)

SKU: LP-25708