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We are a woman owned skincare company for everyone specializing in ethical sourcing of ingredients with the ideal balance of science and nature.

Our natural organic, clean health and beauty products revitalize the body and soothe your soul!


Natural Herbs
White Flowers

I made dinner the other night and it was chicken with onions and peppers. That night and the next morning my hands were BURNING from chopping up poblanos! I tried everything!! Nothing worked! Then I used your sugar scrub... I think the mix of oil and exfoliation FINALLY did the trick!

 Your Rosemary Mint Sugar Scrub saved my burning hands and left them feeling and smelling amazing

Went to bed with a planet of a pimple but after using your toner and Blemish Buster, my face is planetless and glowin'!

The Blemish Buster has become my new BFF! Thank you again! The breakout I had is gone now!! Crazy how that worked so quickly!

I wanted to say your Vanilla Whipped Body Butter is WONDERFUL!! My skin just soaked it up and makes it so soft! I love is so much! I want more! 💙

I had a patient tell me I looked very pretty today - my complexion especially! And I only had on the Illuminating Oil!! That stuff is AMAZING!! 

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COVID-19 Statement

At Birds and Ivy, we are committed to your health and wellbeing. During this challenging time, we continue to take necessary precautions to protect our customers. We have always been diligent in keeping clean and sanitary, however we have stepped up in more ways. As always, we are continuing to use disposable gloves, face masks, and hair coverings for each item, batch, and scent! We also disinfect our workspace and equipment in between each batch as always to avoid any contamination (we always did this to prevent any scent crossover… it’s just good practice😊).  

In addition, we are up to date with all our vaccines. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us

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